• AT&T Yahoo Email Settings

    If you've got an AT&T Yahoo account, you'll configure GroupMail list software to send email through the AT&T Yahoo outgoing SMTP mail server.

    All right, let’s face it; AT&T certainly complicates email settings with the variety of SMTP mail servers and settings under their umbrella. Whenever a customer calls with a configuration problem and tells me that they're sending through AT&T, I take a deep breath and prepare myself for battle. Some SMTP mail servers under the AT&T umbrella include:

    – smtp.pacbell.yahoo.com

    – smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com

    – smtp.prodigy.yahoo.com

    – smtp.swbell.yahoo.com

    – smtp.ameritech.yahoo.com

    Here is that the AT&T Yahoo Email Settings

    SMTP Server Address: smtp.att.yahoo.com

    SMTP Port Number (outgoing): 465 w/SSL checked

    SMTP Authentication: Yes


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